Hyper detailed painting
Last I checked Republicans control the White House and Senate...
[I ATE] lavender-themed afternoon tea.
Cops are Domestic Terrorists and a Racist Hate Group
Is there anyone who completed their dreams?
Racist tried to call out an interracial couple
The way of the flame.
I don't know, seems kinda gay to me
[Highlight] Covington tips it in to tie the game
Who is next?
In 1942, a Dutch minesweeper called the Abraham Crijnssen avoided Japanese aircraft and escaped to Australia by disguising as a tropical island. Personnel covered the ship in foliage and painted the hull to resemble rocks. The ship remained close to shore during the day and only sailed at night.
After years of darkness today marks 12 months without drinking. I never thought I could, and I'm proud of myself.
[OC] Teamwork makes the dream work.
In Hamilton (2020), after the Reynolds pamphlet is published, the song 'Never Gonna be President Now' is sung. This is a reference to the fact that being involved in a sex scandal used to mean that you would not elected president.
Just two persons holding a mirror.
The post is down there 🔽
It’s part of a grand plan... to not save American lives.
That’s one way of dealing with them
this is adorable 💜
Hornet nest removal, Brazilian style.
Passing Doggo tries to help !
2020 is going by twice the speed of a normal year
WCGW if I dip my legs in?
Bruh I was dumb
The audacity of that man
How is this ok?
Phony people come to pray
My stepbrother and I each have our own chairs to sit in. This happens every day, guess which one is mine...
Today we celebrate the foundation of Switzerland 829 years ago. Have a great day everyone!
[Image] A true Unsung hero