The Marble Wraith skin explained
"Of course I'm an ally, I'm just getting tired of all the 'trans rights' posts. And it's unfair of you to claim that TheQuartering is rightwing. He's actually a classical liberal who-"
The ultimate upgrade
To be a tough guy
He also got 200+ awards
Wasp mom feels unsafe.
Can we not?
Snapped this from the back of my Uber this morning. Utterly Heartbreaking.
Heavy downpour. This is my office right now.
Where did he go?
One happy, tail-wagging, bottle-fed otter.
Bountygate has a nice ring to it but the NFL already had one of those too
Kevin O'Leary says 3.5 billion people living in poverty is 'fantastic news'
Yeahh boi.
My 70 y/o grandpa and I browse this sub regularly when I visit him, to brighten his day. He asked if I could share a picture of his dog. Reddit, meet Tok. (Pronounced took)
Judge goes off on woman cheering in court as man's life is ruined
Best response
Kitchen magic
Giant Rhododendron Tree.
My cat's smaller toe beans are inverted
Aged like milk
Liberation: A woman removes her niqab after her city is freed from Isis control
Be Kind
Sneak attack failed, we'll get em next time.
Just the right spot...
The Feels
bisexuals cant say the ford slur
He knows, he just doesn't care
Testing a firefighter helmet, Germany 1900