Anyone who has had a job they hate can relate
Crash Bandicoot 4's Getting Microtransactions Because Activision Is A Corrupt Garbage Fire
this is a valid title
Dont be toxic in the game chat
I didn’t think voting for restriction on movement would affect MY restriction on movement!
I honsetly am so angered right now
Every damn day, it's just so good tho!
I have no regrets, none whatsoever. [OC]
Cheese brother
This father/son duo who decided to get in shape together
If anyone is curious what skills I have acquired during quarantine.
There are Predators in our neighborhood!
This is outrageous, it's unfair!
Manager Kicks out Racist Customers and defends his employees.
COD Community After The Grau Nerf
Biden's America
Do y’all believe in hitting your children
Angles really are everything...
The Marble Wraith skin explained
"Of course I'm an ally, I'm just getting tired of all the 'trans rights' posts. And it's unfair of you to claim that TheQuartering is rightwing. He's actually a classical liberal who-"
The ultimate upgrade
To be a tough guy
He also got 200+ awards
Wasp mom feels unsafe.
Can we not?
Snapped this from the back of my Uber this morning. Utterly Heartbreaking.
Heavy downpour. This is my office right now.