In the tv-show The Simpsons, Bart constantly pushes Moe Szyslak into near-violent rage. This is because Moe is a Bart ender.
Technique vs size in an arm wrestling match
Literally the shirt off his back
Oil rig worker ”throwing the chain” (a dangerous method of connecting the drill pipes)
True story
Tax the rich.
This coffee shop is has the Iroh seal of approval
Not in Mod To work Hard
Well deserved
Almost got away with it, if it wasn't for a slow elevator
He does this once he knows I’m awake
Karen can only stand Mexican music on Taco Tuesday
Kyle knows
Let’s see if this survives new.
Should government exist? Yes. 10 towards auth
This brother is helping his sister to make the shot!
In Shrek (2001) Lord Farquaad seemingly had Momma Bear murdered. She is seen locked in the cages with Papa and Baby Bear. Later Papa Bear is shown comforting Baby Bear whilst Momma Bear is no-where to be seen. Later, it is shown that Momma Bear has been turned into a rug in Farquaad’s room.
This is messed up
Mad Lad
Mods Are Asleep, Shout Out to a Real One
The importance of leaving a bedroom door closed in a structure fire.
Cookie, The Cowardly Dog!
Izzy keeping his word and bringing the fight to Yoel Romero
A floating dock made of assembly parts
Everyone was very accepting of Rex's new lifestyle choice
POS granddaughter won't let grandma out of a locked car while she hotboxes it against her grandma's will.
Itchy. I’m so very itchy right now.
Oh How The Tables Have Turned