In Shrek (2001) Lord Farquaad seemingly had Momma Bear murdered. She is seen locked in the cages with Papa and Baby Bear. Later Papa Bear is shown comforting Baby Bear whilst Momma Bear is no-where to be seen. Later, it is shown that Momma Bear has been turned into a rug in Farquaad’s room.
This is messed up
Mad Lad
Mods Are Asleep, Shout Out to a Real One
The importance of leaving a bedroom door closed in a structure fire.
Cookie, The Cowardly Dog!
Izzy keeping his word and bringing the fight to Yoel Romero
A floating dock made of assembly parts
Everyone was very accepting of Rex's new lifestyle choice
POS granddaughter won't let grandma out of a locked car while she hotboxes it against her grandma's will.
Itchy. I’m so very itchy right now.
Oh How The Tables Have Turned
How salt is harvested
Jameela Jamil mass murdering Khloe and the rest of the Kardashians for peddling diarrhea juice
Adobe slaps you with an early cancellation fee after never making it clear at any point that there was a commitment. (This plan is specifically for students.)
[OC] I "doodled" a short Eevee animation
Believe in yourself
Banging the bus window
Dear fucking god I hate morgz
Staten Islanders with masks drive a non-mask wearing person out of a Shoprite
Person who left this note on the sheets
Inequality v. Equality v. Equity v. Justice
Happy birthday Emilk
Zach Woods breaking Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski is an all-time great blooper
I saved this comment because I liked it so much
I was fortunate to have been photographing this galaxy when a supernova occurred. These two images show a “before and after” view as a star exploded over 50 million light years away. [OC]