Guy defends himself from a girl, whole school gangs up on him
I need emotional pain to stay humble
now that’s finger licking good
Friendship goals like this !
Never disagree with squidward
This image NEVER gets old.
I mean, really , sitting on the bacon so you can take a call ? Some of us were interested in buying that .....
To say no
The people that clearly do this kind of stuff during a pandemic solely out of spite is really irritating to me.
🔥 These leaves
Today several hundred people packed into a pool in the Ozarks without any social distancing or masks. It’s clear that people will not follow basic health guidelines on their own without intervention
Steadily lost over 50 pounds from my heaviest, feeling pretty today
We're all part of the master race.
hello I’m Gunner, I love reflections, shadows, and butterflies - hope that everyone else is having a fabulous weekend !
Guess who doesn’t feel ready for bed anymore?
ToDaY iS tHe OnLy DaY yOu CaN uPvOtE tHiS
Helen Mirren as Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra, Old Vic Theatre, London, 1965.
Blursed direct hit
Oh lawd he comin
Better than bug repellant
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I was cutting my watermelon and was confused when i saw these hard stems in it, does anyone know what it is?
Ever heard of albino animals? Melanistic animals are the opposite
This tree that was burnt in a bushfire continues to live.
Okay... Guys felt this...
the president
Harder than parenthood
In Sepia Tones, Me, Wood, 2020