How to make a perfect star
You are not real!
Art Of The Curve
Me irl
She will outlive all of us
Doggo dance off
With the lockdown due to the coronavirus, ducks have come back to the Roman fountains. Fontanone, Gianicolo hill, Rome, Italy
Cheese Crocs
Natural selection
this lego advertisement is awesome
The truth comes out
Cuteness Overload
Empty places around the world during quarantine
Pls just add a competitive mode and make core connection based
Take that depression
"I'm a human being, goddamnit! My life has value!" After 40 years, the "Mad As Hell" speech from Network is more relevant than ever
I see this as an absolute win
If Trump insists on calling it the "Chinese virus"...
How I imagine the call went
On this day 25 years ago, the Schengen Agreement entered into force.
And she plans on making it bigger
Airport authorities ahemdabad india got no chill
🔥 From @dgrieshnak 'spotted Malabar civet - a critically endangered mammal not seen since the 90's resurfaces during the lockdown.'
Oh god I did this like a year ago now
You have no idea how funny this is.
Let’s gives Pewds a shock for a sec