Here we have two types of dogs
Pay tribute to your local Cupid
Modern Greek Chorus
Blue Morpho Butterfly
First day home, already demanding we stop at PetSmart
Holy shit his eyes
It’s so much easier to deflect though
they banned me
Gender Studies
TopMinds at r/coomer give us a Sex Ed lesson
I’m a 22 year old wannabe actor with no talent who always looks tired. Just got my wisdom teeth yoinked. Anyone wanna make my Valentine’s Day sweeter? 💕
I’ve been living in the US a little while now. Started talking to this girl and she was curious where I’m from.
Forgot to crop, reupload.
Memes are my coping mechanism
My friend made the Piglins into Puglins
How do you even get so much money
It has happened before
I've been doing an art series on women who inspire me - today I wanted to celebrate Greta! Who inspires you?
I’m so cold… I’m shivering!
We’ve been imprisoning lightning in our rectangular boxes the whole time.
Attempted to take a cute video of my cats licking each other, and then this happened...
Woman steals her truck from impound lot and runs over worker
Anon goes through a phase
Chandelier Headlights
My take on the the new death mechanics
Looks like he won the lottery
r/pcmasterrace in a nutshell
Bus driver and kid with cerebral palsy called Beto kick some ass and frustrate a theft
The coolest thing I've ever seen: A blanket octopus
Spongebob did it better