WIP of a Wither, took about 4 hours so far
Ponyta isn't alone.
Man rescued a Pelican and now they are friends
Mods are asleep. Lets take a moment to praise Lakitu for perfectly filming Mario’s every move throughout the entire game.
This is just awful behavior by a company of this size.
[OC] A quick look at today's Reddit storm.
The faces of brave Kurdish women fighters who have fought ISIS
Hydraulic press compressing a metal bar
Maybe Maybe Maybe
🔥 Welcome to the world, little giraffe
Who says power washing isn’t creative?!
Mad lad moving in
Sexuality education done perfectly
Adapt, improvise, overcome!
Dog sitter’s new kitten loves client’s dog
My great grandparents, two photos, 70 years apart.
Well...yeah actually that might just work
Brought to you by the Chinese government
A two headed snapping turtle
Blursed V-Sauce
Some wholesome dangs!
Close your eyes and move your head in a figure 8
When you steal from a shop in zelda
We are not a monopoly starter pack
Another video of me juggling 5 balls, but I listened to the hate. You called me fat so I went on a diet, you made fun of my glasses so I learned how to juggle 5 without them, you said it wasn’t talent so I caught the last ball on my neck, and more! Read my comment to see the rest of it!
This extremely pure and wholesome post
Wendy Williams is garbage in human form.
Clerk Fights Back During Robbery - Paducah, Ky
My brother is unemployed and my bf wanted to help him out. We live in a place where minimum wage is $7.25/hr and my brother only has a high school degree and not a lot of work experience yet he thinks his time is worth at least $20/hr despite never having a job that paid more than $10/hr