Can we get me and my squash to the front page please
Owner can’t get his shit together, and he gets straightened out
I just started work at my dream job and I couldn’t be happier!
Crescent moon and Jupiter with four of its moons.
What did I do?
Oh boy. Barstool traffic is about to pick up big time this afternoon.
Attention 9 year olds, we need to get Pewdiepie to 100 mill before August 31
Job opportunity
Guy builds all-metal fire-spewing N64 with rotating logo
Cracking open a cold one
Jason Momoa arrested while defending sacred land in Hawaii
The insane route Rocky would have run in Rocky II
You're just confident, be proud of yourself.
I love my wife, I love my wife, I love my wife...
Florida man = madlad
TERF gets schooled on science.
This is how Amazon delivers packages on Mackinac Island in northern Michigan where motor vehicles aren’t allowed.
Lynx that fell asleep on a porch gets woken up by its tiny doppleganger
🔥 Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher posing in the rain 🔥
This painted landscape blends precise pixelation and hazy abstraction perfectly (by Jason Anderson)
Cecil J. Williams, 1964
LilNasX is a fucking treasure
Cosplaying as the Belcher family
So lovely.
Taking off special effects make up
Lions fight while eating a water buffalo, then it casually walks off
I’ve never felt more sure of a hypothetical in my life...
Sad but true
And that's a fact!
been bummed about not getting in to grad school, but my parents just sent me a picture; here I am at 8 years old opening my first toy rocket and here I am at age 22 at an aerospace engineering internship at NASA sponsored by my uni. I can’t give up on being an astronaut yet! (Peep the Merica shorts)