She played thay Uno reverse card on him and switched shit up
Paging UnexpectedMulaney
Its a start.
I found the curve that Forrest Gump ran up
Found this lil guy in the shower. He just hung out on my finger while I dried off, got dressed and then found him a tree with some ants to snack on. Good luck gecko bud, it was fun hanging out!
Cutest pupper in the west
What the fuck Jill?
This Client Here is a Special Kind of Stupid.
Dental work found on a 4,000 year old mummy.
The way this ice cream twist came out, perfect
I can’t come out and play.
"Drunk driving is not a skill"
I made a TNT yeeter
This one speaks for itself
Meet Larry and Curly
Fucking Google Chrome
It’s a valid question
Flat-Earther accidentally proves the earth is round in his own experiment
Saw this dishwasher today. It's totally integrated and virtually silent, so the only way you can tell it's running is because it projects the time remaining onto the floor. Cool!
Business owner slams corporate media for misleading him about Bernie Sanders
best hack ever
Guy Somehow Ends Up As The Only Passenger On A Delta Flight
*Angry Sheev noises*
Feminists in Mexico protesting after 4 policemen raped a 17 y.o. girl
Blaming on a doggo. Heckin bamboozled
Get Smart is the closest thing we have to a full length Threat Level Midnight
My Daughter's incredible 5ft tall doll's house, made by my father in law. It has numerous surprises too, like skeletons hidden under the floor boards and a dragons den under the stairs.
A little accomplishment in my life,I'm a Syrian refugee,gaming saved my life throughout the war ,I now live in France since 2017 I found a job I worked my arse out and finally was able to afford my new gaming PC , thought I share this with you nice people.