German IS widow loses her mobile phone and an Arab investigative reporter gets to the data (2019)
Notre Dame's spire falling.
Leopard helps welcome a beautiful baby Impala into the world
A message from our president. Vive La France. We mourn with you.
Motorcycle riders usually have umbrella girls on the grid before the race starts. This is what happens when the rider is a woman
French citizens sing together on the street near Notre-Dame Cathedral ablaze in Paris
Honesty is always better than ghosting. We all need more of this!
Seriously what the hell is wrong with today
Max Kellerman tries to cover up a fart with an awkward cough
🔥 Baby Malayan Tapir 🔥
An interesting experience about the importance and impact of the little help of each individual in a group
I work at a call center. Whenever I get a particularly rude caller I like to try and draw what they might look like. Here’s Barbara from today:
Only second to going straight in a right turn lane, with a red light, and cars behind you waiting to turn.
[Image] The realization of being able to do it
One of the fox pups that lives in our backyard. We call him Jasper!
A Crowded Train, モフモフ, Digital, 2019
This is so cute :)
The placement of this smaller baby care booklet within this magazine doesn’t seem very well thought through.
It’s true
My picture of the Stained Glass Rose Window that was destroyed today
These old drink cans I dug up while renovating my backyard.
In Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi Bossk’s costume (right) was actually recycled costume from Doctor Who (Left)
Me irl
Didn’t realize I was serving the original C-3PO today.
Every nice girl’s mantra after last night’s GoT episode.
Don’t try and destroy the metal
19 year old João Félix of Benfica celebrating with his 16 year old brother who is a ballboy at the game.
Photo I took of Notre Dame at 4:55pm 15 April 2019 - an hour before it was consumed by fire
RIP Notre Dame Cathedral.
Well that’s convenient
Two years ago I saw that guy with the gas can begging for money. Tried to give him four dollars, but he said he doesn’t take anything less than five. After that I saw him there everyday for months. Turns out he’s a fraud with a new Jeep and a nice house. Been following him with this sign since.