DJ Tanner didn't get into Stanford
Sophie Turner as Morticia Addams.
A machine that removes snow from the top of semi trailers
In 1997, software engineer Phillipe Kahn figured out a way to connect a digital camera to his cell phone and send a picture to his contacts. When his baby was born, he used his invention and sent the picture to over 2,000 people, making it the first ever photo sent to others using a cell phone.
I think we’ve already forgotten about it
Seal getting a checkup
The USSR movie
Currently sitting at +1148 on TD. "The NZ attack was bad *wink*, but actually he was completely justified."
Made my account Mario and this is where it got me
A very fresh pitt bull-rito
He nailed this shot within 2 minutes.
My neighbors have the best boy who greets me on my way home every time.
Old boi learning new tricks
“Okay, I’m comfy now”
So uh, I'm back lmao. It's been a long time, and I don't think anyone remembers me. Anyhow, this is my locker, and it's now up to 400 something packets of italian dressing.(my last post was 200). How are all of you amazing people doing?
"friendly rivalry"
MRW my wife says we'll have to go out to eat for dinner until someone washes the dishes
Here comes lizard cop
Short answer: you can't
Cursed image
If only this worked
What a trick
My first impression of the jump pad.
HMC, I wanna try it for real.
Ugh.... You wouldn't believe the day I've had
I love the Republic
Saw this pupper all tuckered out from doing his job at Grand Central Station in NYC
Only traumatized people will get this
Big and little