MRW my wife says we'll have to go out to eat for dinner until someone washes the dishes
Here comes lizard cop
Short answer: you can't
Cursed image
If only this worked
What a trick
My first impression of the jump pad.
HMC, I wanna try it for real.
Ugh.... You wouldn't believe the day I've had
I love the Republic
Saw this pupper all tuckered out from doing his job at Grand Central Station in NYC
Only traumatized people will get this
Big and little
Thought this might belong here
My Slippers are the Exact Same Colour and Texture as the Carpet in My Office.
Well yes, but actually no
How the wind hits this beach bar
I started to sit in open seat on my flight when the attendant said "Oh sir! You CAN sit there but please be aware that those seats are reserved for a large dog! Is that ok?" Me: “I WOULD PAY EXTRA TO SIT NEXT TO A DOG ON EVERY FLIGHT!” Reddit meet Hervin, the chillest passenger I’ve ever sat next to
Challenge accepted
Grandma break dancing with confidence
In Jaws, early in the film Chief Brody is flipping through a magazine that shows a shark with what appears to be an oxygen tank in it's mouth, foreshadowing the films ending.
My wife just became a citizen. This is our first All-American family photo.
I dont think your white friends in the back can hear you!
Found Octanes Leaked Ult by Market on Xbox.
Made Ophelia a lil flower crown! She’s working it!
Such a good boy
A letter from one of my relatives in 1836, written first one way across the page and then continued at a 90 degree angle
Total disrespect!
Mom stop drawing and give pets.
making comics