Challenge accepted
Grandma break dancing with confidence
In Jaws, early in the film Chief Brody is flipping through a magazine that shows a shark with what appears to be an oxygen tank in it's mouth, foreshadowing the films ending.
My wife just became a citizen. This is our first All-American family photo.
I dont think your white friends in the back can hear you!
Found Octanes Leaked Ult by Market on Xbox.
Made Ophelia a lil flower crown! She’s working it!
Such a good boy
A letter from one of my relatives in 1836, written first one way across the page and then continued at a 90 degree angle
Total disrespect!
Mom stop drawing and give pets.
making comics
It’s a complete waste of both our time, eBay sellers
Example 1000000000 that Honey Badger don’t give a shit. Mother saves her baby from leopard
0/3 on Apple facts
Three legged dog licking his back
In light of yesterday’s incident, this is what Christians interacting with Muslims should look like
What Are You Afraid Of? [OC]
Found this gem at our local Exxon station
You can find coziness anywhere.
2.8 is too generous
Miles Taylor, an athelete with cerebral palsy, deadlifts 185 pounds while Arnold Schwarzenegger cheers him on
Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off [Punk]
I feel like the Great Plains often get overlooked in lieu of more imposing scenery - Scenic, South Dakota [OC][4032x3024]
Youtubers are now literally just reading Reddit posts and making money off of it.
Raven Cosplay
Not even the symbiote can stop him from being a g o o d b o y e
where's your face bro?
Guy who never takes any risks starterpack
The way the sunrise is hitting just this one tree