Miles Taylor, an athelete with cerebral palsy, deadlifts 185 pounds while Arnold Schwarzenegger cheers him on
Dead Kennedys - Nazi Punks Fuck Off [Punk]
I feel like the Great Plains often get overlooked in lieu of more imposing scenery - Scenic, South Dakota [OC][4032x3024]
Youtubers are now literally just reading Reddit posts and making money off of it.
Raven Cosplay
Not even the symbiote can stop him from being a g o o d b o y e
where's your face bro?
Guy who never takes any risks starterpack
The way the sunrise is hitting just this one tree
Just refresh already
Happy Wolf pup
[I ATE] Fluffy Pancakes
Speed and precision
"Um, maybe God has a plan for them..."
[Image] Find three hobbies
Must be a familiar course
What an amazing father and son!
18 year old Bruce Lee with his master Ip Man, 1958
Synchronized nose lick
This is how people from different religions should treat each other
Dad Magic.
Glassblower Makes Intricate Horse Effortlessly.
My cat hates stickers and labels on things and always tries (and usually succeeds) to tear them off
Anon basicly licked up a girl
Nice kick
Cheap entertainment.
Order 66
More dad reaction than dad reflex but I think this still fits
Rocket Launch As Seen From The International Space Station
This is how we should treat those who practice other religions