This whale survived being cut up by a boat propeller in 2001. The whale is now named Blade Runner!
I love my dog
Student climate protest in Cologne, Germany
Tesla Model Y glass roof view
Partner in crime until I die
Well, excuse me..
A wholesome teacher
This is really so fucked up. These are the stories we need to be hearing about in the news.
Hold up
Straight from r/memes
Team #TrashTag from Virginia, USA
What really happened
Dealing with CBs before they can even try
gamer harassed for defending gamer rights
Not against Brie Larson, just thought that this was funny...
Not sure if this qualifies as murdered by words but at least someone is giving a befitting reply to a hate monger.
The Taco Bell in my Hometown Looks a Little Dated
He didn’t see that coming
When you’re blind to brand loyalty
Funny and kinda sad, but true
First day on the job
They were being serious, too.
🔥 This bird that landed on my brothers hand 🔥
Valuble News!
baby trying chocolate milk for the first time
I’d like to thank Respawn for including my best friend and I as cameos in the game. You didn’t have to do this, but you actually modeled us in the game’s map and I am eternally thankful for that!
When everyone says you will fail but you make 500k cars in 10 years from nothing
Balance is key
Students protesting Climate Change in Adelaide today.