Forecast was for freezing rain, but had to go check it out...
My boss seriously asked me this. Was back for an hour, now I'm looking for a new job.
The “every Chevy commercial” starter pack.
Casually eating a wild mushroom.
Who needs to see out of the windshield anyway?
When will my husband return from war?
It was the trauma.
Concrete smoothing
Play it cool
I see your 90s turtles costumes and raise you my toothpaste costume. Thanks Mum.
This is an appropriate response.
Decaying Great White Shark, left to rot at an abandoned Wildlife park in Melbourne.
[I ate] a sandwich of Burnt Ends.
Using your dead child to forward your agenda
Seattle: Lady tries to run over pedestrians after snowball hits her car!
Can’t help but notice that my 4-year-old self held the same energy as Toby
Good boy keeps the peace
Annoying douchebag
What about the droid attack on the droids?
Chair thrown off balcony and into traffic.
Go Gabby Go!
Kid chooses toy unicorn over trip to Mexico
Thought this belonged
Anon helps mentally challenged guy
I agree with lazarbeam with his arguememt
Happy crying, so proud
Camera on NASA Black Brandt lX rocket launch
Low flying jet floof
That's how marriage works