Palestinian children in Jerusalem cry "Where will we live?" as their home is bulldozed in front of their eyes in the middle of the night. Israel have bulldozed hundreds of Palestinian homes this year so far in order to build illegal settlements.
Guy gets caught carving his name into a rock at Ash Cave State Park in Ohio
Live action anime battle with my kid under quarantine
Look at how this man saved the guy from electrocution! Orangi Town, Karachi
Well deserved!
[Seattle] BLM supporters harrass starbucks employees after destroying the store multiple times.
Sportsmanship when done right is awesome to watch
UNO reverse, bitch.
Glide baby glide
I made Charmander out of stones
Finally finished my Hobbit Hole/Shire oil painting after 2 and a half months!
Does this look like 80% of the people voted for you?
I feel bad for this guy
An idiot with no driving skills
Protesting the Hays Code in 1934
Best answer to this question
Go best friend!
The Sutro tower in San Francisco surrounded by fog looks like a Dutchman ship
Why did blue collar become unskilled labor?
Man gets rescued from being electrocuted.
In the Studio Ghibli animation "Grave of the Fireflies"(1988), the main character Seita looks directly into the audience twice; at the beginning and at the end, before shifting his sight. This implies that he can in fact see us and is retelling his story.
Gender reveal gone wrong
My landlord started handing out masks
Flawless scribe rail against stone work