I saw this and it really touched my heart. These are the first beautiful moments between a man and his newly adopted dog. 🥰 💓
Conspiracy Theory!!
Woman, 25, who had her eyeballs dyed black told she will go completely blind
Full Pokemon of the Year results
Video from a volunteer: "Out canvassing in RURAL South Carolina. A lot of strong Bernie support AND people are saying we’re the only campaign to come out here."
The last pic I’ll ever have of my derpy dog Captain Jack
[image] Not only art.
Thank God
A beautiful morning - Grand Teton National Park [OC] [3644x4556] IG @travlonghorns
This dog looks like he's vegan
New poster for 'Peninsula' (set in Train to Busan universe)
Wholesome grandma
🔥 Seaglass Beauty, Japan
Girls recreating the ocean over a 13 feet table.
Bedtime listening for masochists
Emotional support doggo takes job very seriously
Pup decided to join kitty on lookout.(X POST r/aww)
Bring back the first world problems meme
My mom works at a middle school. She found this in a broken locker. #thekidsarealright
The world doesn’t revolve around you Patricia
This tool
This man has the rarest blood type in the world, known as Rh-null. It’s known as the Golden Blood Type because of its rarity, being found in only 43 people throughout all of recorded human history.
Doggo swims out into the harbor to meet his favorite ocean-bro...
You do the nice thing and move over and they are still dicks
Petition to make this the new sub icon
Petition to make this the new sub icon
Drained the oil out of a hydraulic pump today. Laminar flow is a beautiful thing.
My 5 year old son has autism and said his first word yesterday. He said Momma. Never cried so many happy tears in my life.
Her name is Abigail, and she's a princess
Homeless guy & pregnant girlfriend are above a job that pays above minimum wage!