Warms my heart
Motorcyclist couldn't pass up such a great opportunity
Stuck in between.
All set!
Thoughtful and selfless child sees the bigger picture
My teacher came dressed as a colonial man today for history he said if you wanna take pics of me or “make tik taks of me and make me virus” you have thirty seconds but little did he know he would be famous on reddit
We all scream
I used to complain about German over engineering.. I present the 2018 Honda Clarity rear suspension
She knocked his fedora off!
Self toxicity
I was worried how our 75lb pit bull would behave with our newly rescued kitten.
Blursed scale
Oh where does the candy go, Sweetie?
Girl crushes obstacle course
Patching a small hole
When your boss has been working there for ever
Home invasion gone wrong - Melbourne Australia
to gatekeep fitness
Walter Botts, the man who modeled as Uncle Sam (1920s)
Never touch a mans chocolate milk!
Great way to receive public attention for a good cause
Seems about right
People studying to be Mall Santas in Noerr Programs Santa University.
raw dogging reality
Let's just face it, adding statues to r/evilbuildings was a great idea
Blind sided by savagery
In Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) one of the movies available for Peter in flight is "The Snap" directed by Paul Greengrass. Paul Greengrass is a real life director responsible for "United 93", "Captain Phillips", "Bloody Sunday" among a few other dramatized films based on real world events