This is my goodest girl. We're working on our inside voice so her dad can sleep in. I love her to the moon and back.
Big Thompson Canyon Sunrise, Colorado. [1280x1600] [OC]
Level 155 "HN" abusing under the map bug on shoot-house. This is a serious bug with shoot-house 24/7 being in the game. Please share for visibility so this can be patched ASAP.
If you study well you can make a better world for him
In korea, a middle school student hacked the electrick board today. It says, "newspaper company electrick board, you've just got hacked by a middle school student" Sorry about the English. I just wanted to let you know about this😂
Winter wonderland in Switzerland
I'm a Indian 19 year old Athlete. Make me regret this.
Time to eliminate parking fees at hospitals
Gorgeous kitchen in Suffolk, England
Shout-out to weed man
"Mom, rocks shouldn't move!!" they had never seen a turtle before.
So I tried drawing as much NHL team logos I could without looking them up beforehand...
This girl rescued a coyote thinking it was a dog. His wtf face is priceless.
The ending though is wicked
The Bikini Bottom Horror: Part 15, Back To School
Dr Phil for smash
My dream Tinder profile🤣
[Image] Motivating 4chan. It's never too late!
half a BMW
My maternal Grandmother (1940’s, post WWII)
I just want to thank Microsoft for this green's been too long.
🔥 why it gets quiet when it snows
Cat looking at Christmas lights
Oh my god, you f*cking kids... I'VE GOT PLACES TO BEEEEEE!
If Im up., YOUR UP!!