They have a 99% tip suggested
Good Guy Adam
[OC] Visualised WhatsApp chat with my girfriend - working on a surprise, using the tool I'm building.
Not just cats
Leather axe handle
Thanks, I hate pre death ghosts
Why would you post this...
The-The name...
That's a ferocious dog
B.A.T.H. the forbidden word
Always Protecting
Sir Gifs-a-Lot presents:
Triple stack
Rest in pieces
my dad has this laptop for FOUR YEARS and he’s refusing to take the plastic protector off
Was happier before
The Easter Island heads have bodies
Hong Kong Police attacked the Kowloon Masjid and Islamic Centre by blue liquid cannons
Teaching them young
Self proclaimed “Inventor” of the Marijuana Brownie, Mary Jane Rathbun began mixing marijuana into brownies back in the mid 1950s. In the early 1980s, Mary Jane was baking over 4,000 brownies a week to AIDS patients in California. Despite multiple arrests, she remained an active marijuana advocate.
2 Million Protestors In Hong Kong Make Way For Ambulance
Nothing to see here, just a relaxing ride across the bridge
Car slide ends just at the right point
Chernobyl's school book
After 4 and a half years, my Fiancé has finally finished her generation one cross stitch. I know she isn't the first to do it and she certainly won't be the last, but I'm extremely proud of her and wanted to share this.
I'm on a school trip... On my way to the school.
Absolutely crazy control
Guy from my hometown arrested for parole violations.
Autumn in Russia