Boy beats the crapout ofitsabusivefather after calling his friend the N-word.
Whenever I walk in the door, Violet greets me with a present. Usually it’s one of her toys or a bone, or the occasional it was my water bill Next
Our 3 week old rescue likes to nuzzle extra close and I couldn't be happier
Soul removing new device
The best table reads are with Shia LeBeuf
🔥 Feeding the Alaskan Pigeons 🔥
I know it's not pretty to look at, but I built a simulator so that I can practice my reaction time for the next major NVIDIA release
This is a vid of my roommate after she put cat poop in my wash and poured litter all over the house after I reported her for fostering kittens that she was not taking care of. She’s evil and I hope she gets famous.
WCGW trying to run away from a K9 beast
What are you guys doing??
Yearbook photo from my first year as a teacher.
My first time making something like this. Hope you guys enjoy :)
That hope in his eyes, that's devastating.
She's adorable!
A cardboard Tetris box
This 3D effect graffiti in Spain
For real tho?
exhausted California firefighters sleep after a 24 hour shift
Thin and light carbon fiber armor offers protection against stabs and cuts
He did it, right?
Apparently people with diminished mental capacity can memorize more than Person Woman Man Camera TV.
Well this is sad on so many levels
Tennis player Azarenka consoling her opponent after she twisted her ankle and forced to retire.
RIP jokes
It’s the bee lady again with no gloves of course
Smoke from the west coast was met by tropical storms on the east coast. These storms blocked, steered, and influenced the course of the advancing plume. [OC]
The kick heard around the world.
Be careful if you're buying a new GPU
She told you
Why? Just why