The Tennis match we all deserve
mad skills!
Former Judge Dragged Out of Court After Being Sentenced to Jail
Whether you think you can, or think you can't, either way you're right. I don't know him but I'm proud of him
Toke smoke
Baby flamingo practicing single-leg standing
True story
PsBattle: The new British Prime Minister.
Symbolism in Star Wars
*bear pun*
Flowers in the desert
From a Friend: After this he went home, cried, ate a lasagna, listed the bike for sale.
For once!
Choosing Beggar wants free drawing from a professional artist, ends up getting trolled.
Morning jog in Jurassic Park
Girl jogging with pheasants looks like a scene from Jurassic Park
Starting them off young poor girl
aww this is real love <3
I just saw a fucking UFO what am I supposed to do
Ladies and Gentlemen - Boris Johnson, our new Prime Minister...
Sadistical torturer starter pack (OC)
It all balances out
My Neighbor Garfield
Silverback gorilla blocking traffic while his family crosses the road
I guess Paul Joseph Watson forgot that war gets people killed at rate far greater than suicides...
it was today at 10:15......
The new Prime Minister of the UK.
Irony man