Just some of the 4,000 different types of potatoes in Peru
The little kid is my son. His name is Emmett. Needless to say, it was a big day.
Made me smile
Keep it sliding smoothly
Sorry we couldn't read your meter today...
Statement by a Christian Minister
My Graduation Cap
10 months ago: Perkz "All I hear is so many excuses by AD carry players who cant play AD carry." Rekkles "Try playing ADC and see how it feels".
Arya and Sansa
Billionaire speaker tells 400 graduates he's paying off all their student loans ($40 million in total)
Cat's first time in a car
Anon is mad
Bear helps tiring crow out of its pond
"You taunt"
Nothing quite beats that feeling of total panic
I feel like his name would be Trevor
The color has faded over the years but their love hasn’t.
Hard to come back from this one😂
Wyld Stallyns
Instagram ads are something else
Draymond Green said part of the reason he’s adjusted on court behavior came after he discovered how impressionable his young kids are: “My son was shooting and flopping. I said you gotta stop watching the NBA.”
Mind blown
I need to get myself a dog asap
A real Priest got onto virtual reality to baptize an anime girl. Probably one of the most surreal things I've ever seen.
I don't like kpop
When the Cup final begins, the Bruins will try to end the drought of over 100 days since the last Boston sports championship
My brother and I needed a music video for a song we made. As relatively inexperienced filmmakers, we decided to try claymation. After 5 months (and a few emotional breakdowns), we are finally finished. Here's the result.
Just gonna take some spank bank pics in the public library
Should we start a poll?