Me irl
I can see you
SO there's this kid who has a cancer and I dont know if he's gonna make it and he wanna be a youtube star so guys please can you sub to him just for his dream to come true
You aren’t a person when you aren’t someone else’s person in this free society .
Sheep shows gratitude to the dog after saving them from a wolf attack.
Corporate Attire
Bought my daughter a gaming chair.......
These rolls are homemade
WWYD If you get this notification on December 10th
One of my neighbors has had it with the landlord!
Threading this leaf
Hol’ Up Now 🧐
Gotta charge it up.
People burning down Guatemala's Congress
PSA: Black Rifle Coffee is dogshit
Sure would be a shame if you signed up for Save the Senate and couldn't go.
Something to think about the next time you eat at the salad bar
Black Militia walking through downtown Cincinnati, OH. Recorded today
I don’t feel bad at all
and she’s got a great arm too : )
This very accurate Donald trump copy
In Batman Begins [2005], Bruce Wayne wears a JLC Reverso, which is a watch that can flip over to hide it's face.
Per Neil deGrasse Tyson: “Between now and Dec 21 Saturn & Jupiter approach each other on the sky until a mere tenth of a degree separates them. Last time this happened Galileo was alive.”
When it’s expensive to be poor..
“I’d like to talk to the manager of your soul”
These Protesters Are Getting Creative.
About to turn 47
The bravest!
Cleaning out my mother’s basement, we found the family’s original 512k Mac from 1985. Still works!