8x5 space mapart :)
Abortion is murder but actual murder is fine
Found at my local pub.
In Sochi Russia, Incredible teamwork on mall escalator to free a little girl who caught her hand in the moving staircase
And also the voting someone off because they're sus
John Cena being a bro.
Hello there...
I don’t even have any words man
Planes deploying a massive smoke curtain to hide ships. Circa 1920s
When you get random late night texts from your alcoholic parent>>
Manager better watch out
Me before my 20s.
The mad lad doing some editing magic
I am a good guy
I would be too.
When the family argues during Thanksgiving dinner
My greyhound’s musculature is weirdly visible when he lies down.
perfect reason to study computer science
I am officially cancer free
Let's not forget about the teacher who was arrested for asking why the Superintendent got a raise, while teachers haven't had a raise in years
Top 10 worst traffic jams in the world
Me irl
I can see you
SO there's this kid who has a cancer and I dont know if he's gonna make it and he wanna be a youtube star so guys please can you sub to him just for his dream to come true
You aren’t a person when you aren’t someone else’s person in this free society .
Sheep shows gratitude to the dog after saving them from a wolf attack.
Corporate Attire
Bought my daughter a gaming chair.......
These rolls are homemade
WWYD If you get this notification on December 10th