Teacher : Didn't see that coming
Daviyon Nixon, Iowa's 304-pound defensive lineman, intercepts a pass and returns it 71 yards for a touchdown
sorry homie
I wonder why he didn’t keep the armor, he looks so good in it!
Watching this old school drywaller
I want to see him right now
Failed rocket launch (unknown date)
is this person okay?
slightly soothing imo
This shot from the movie Wings (1927) is too good for it's time
Well that escalated quickly
This is the way
Nearby onlookers to the rescue
Guatemalans bring guillotine to Congress
Now is our chance!!!
Do you remember the last time you changed your profile picture?
Just single dad things, idk
Ready or not, here I come!
My money was on no.5...
Calling customers in the hood fruity names
Hope he pays it forward!
This shot from the movie Wings (1927) is too good for it's time
A Reddit stranger drove two hours and used his drone to recover Meadow, who was lost in the woods for 10 days.
The sheer amount of Sour Patch Kids in the back of this pickup
... 🤦‍♂️
So Rough....
When you have no idea on how to do it but still try your best
🔥 The stuðlagil canyon. Iceland.
This is true friendship