Fossil found in a rock
Close the hole with a leaf
Bringing a dog without a lead to a nature reserve
Slavery never ended. It just adapted and evolved
Maybe she's just not getting any
How an incident in one person's life can kickstart a worldwide movement
This would be me
The way she cosplays Korra!
Fire extinguisher
This lava pit looks like it is dragging souls into hell
When the boss tells you it's u r g e n t
Gamers will find ways to pass time in the pre-game lobby
Justice for the demogorgon!
Wonders of world wide web
trump supporters threaten to boycott Senate runoffs and destroy GOP because trump lost. It's a free-for-all.
Saw this yesterday...
McDonald's cups last longer than you would think. (Source: Photo owl time lapse)
Copper ball gets smaller in size when cooled
Male,18. Plays video games. Roast Me!
Numbers of people killed by dictators.
Just a “prepper”
Not me.
I want to give this girl a high five
I'm sending cone to the moon
Cursed Bacon
At least I get to keep the crust
Tiny snake swallows an egg whole