My 100% complete collection of every LEGO shield ever made
Just take a deep breath
HMC while I wear high heels to a beach party
Dad of the year
Lisa's plan
this is a masterpiece
Mom asked for 'old phone' as temp for uncle, offered old phone, CAN'T BE TOO OLD HAS TO BE iPhone 6 or above
When the tables are turned
And I born yesterday
Eruption of Sakurajima
A doctor made a "special prescription" for an illiterate patient.
Got this text from my abusive, white nationalist mother who has told me I'm "not allowed" to vote if I'm going to vote blue.
A Red wave...yeah right (≖ ͜ʖ≖)
The reason why the teacher cut down marks is bs
“Devil Horns” sunrise was captured in Qatar, during a partial solar eclipse in the morning
And that's why USA is not gonna get better. Americans think that they are better than anybody in this world.
What has he done for you!
Malfunction wave created a ’Tsunami’ in a chinese water park (2019)
Girl's up front, gotta respect it🤣
When you work for an organisation that changes their policy everyday
This crochet rainbow barf cat scarf (credit: Amanda Julien).
[Image] We all make mistakes. Learn from them.
Pint of wine, feeling fine
150 Mindfuck Movies, Grouped and Sorted
This is big brain time
How China is Slowly Killing Us All (2020) - [00:14:51]
About to come home after spending the last 3yrs in the desert. Going to be a freshman in college at 26. Please no jokes about my $40k truck or my 3 divorces. It hurts my feelings.
Superdrug Halloween Spider.