woman spits at someone on the bus
Here's something you don't see everyday. Mezerg and his amazing musical skills using a theramin. Sound on!
Yeah, how dare he
Two politicians make an ad getting along instead of fighting each other
woman spits on someone on the bus, gets what she deserves
Such a lovely doggo.
Hi 5
A 10 yo kid takes his 4 yo sister for a joyride in his dads car
We Had a Baby Llama Born This Morning! She's About Five Hours Old in This Video.
The good old days of club penguin
Disgusting creep
this is a vaquita the rarest animal on earth there are only 10-15 left in the world
“American Patriots”ripping down and stealing students BLM artwork at their school
Choking man honks his horn while pulling up to a traffic stop, and a Hillsborough County Sheriff performs the Heimlich maneuver on him [USA]
I'm just jealous
10 year old takes his 4 year old sister for joyride in his dad's car
Just A Guy, Playing A Sax, Outside A Giant Pipe
Asking the cops the same silly questions they ask us!
Client: What’s something you’ve literally never done? Me: I dunno electro swing lol, Client: Yeah so we want that, Me: ok
Girl! You're Late For Work!
Versatile faucet attachment
Bestman for life
Anon admires Hank Hill
A very wise quote
I saw this somewhere its not OC
I gotchu bro
Gotta be careful when it rains and snows