Stay stong boys, there's still hope for us
While you studied the blade, I studied the axe
The Handsome Rogue [OC][Art]
Bird attempts to guillotine his "friend".
Why you should always use the Rule of Thirds when photographing wildlife
Mousse Moose
In Spiderman 3, during the scene where Peter exposes rival photographer Eddie Brock, a headline can be seen which reads 'Quakes felt throughout subway system'. This is foreshadowing to the fact that sandman isn't dead yet, and is becoming stronger in the subway tunnels.
They’re beautiful people, they’re beautiful people
Wonder what the missing problem could be...
When the faith is strong
[homemade]Smoked Short Ribs Marinaded in a Homemade Korean BBQ Sauce
Anon gets divorced
Vegetable Cruelty Exposed Documentary (2007)
My mom finally completed her biggest counted cross-stitch masterpiece on linen which took over 3 years to complete and has over 606,800 stitches. We are unable to transport and enter this monster in any competitions so I figured I would share her stunning artwork here.
Aggressively wholesome
My 5th birthday, 60 years ago today
The cost of new iPhone
Play smarter not harder.
The world's most detailed scan of the brain's internal wiring
Amazon:The Truth Behind the Click (2013) Working conditions in Amazon's giant warehouses have been condemned by unions as among the worst in Britain. The documentary exposes the exploitative conditions and immense pressure the workers go through. [28:49]
The Food Dance
Anyway, today’s special
The name was unpronounceable, but the view was fantastic - Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland [OC] [4656 x 3488]
Thus golden boyo.
First day at job.
Company replying to criticism over their leather iPhone cases...
SLPT: How to save money from watching Game of Thrones
We're doing Jackass now
Another gem I saw on twitter, sorry if this has been posted