Stalker Climbs Into Apartment Through Second Story Balcony, While a Woman is Recording a Social Media Video
Child persuades doggo to play in sprinkler
What could go wrong trying to rob a ice-cream shop with off duty cop in it
Squirrels are so cute
A camel greeting his herder who was absent for a few days.
A woman found her cat alive sixteen days after a destructive tornado in Joplin, Missouri, in 2011.
DMX vs Sling Shot
Can you rate his backflip?
slippers provides for the house now!
Grade A trashy night out!
Pointing a Gun to Workers for robbery
Warning signs anxiety is setting in
Bring on the bling
They are both the same picture
Thoughts ?
Ough, right on the ego
Klee-Thug life
Merry Christmas
Bright Mobile billboards in my city now
This man, Jarrett Adams, spent ten years in prison after being wrongfully accused of a crime. He used the prison library to study law and get his sentence overturned. Adams is now a lawyer and dedicates his work to help overturn other wrongful convicted.
This is how you strip a man of his dignity
it wasn’t aliens who took the monolith, the channel 4 robot just wanted its leg back :P
This is just crazy
Break in
New monolith appears in Italy
What in the name of reality,...?
The drift scene in my city is getting bolder