Truly a man’s best friend
You seeing that cat regretting trying to be a bird?
I guess I’m glad these bathrooms are gender neutral, but this feels like a huge step backwards
Incredible leaping ability
My parents before I was born then at my graduation (1990)
Stanley never loved Pam more than he did in this moment!
Damn Commies
I introduced my dad to breaking bad, he’s watched 8 episodes today.
Inside an empty Boeing 787
The amazing scale of the Pillars of Creation
Pokémon GOp
I'm 26, she's 12, she wants me - what to do?
Anon cant even play vidya
News "claims" that Jim Jefferies has been "killed"
its almost sunday, friends
"Throne of Light" - Grand Canyon, Arizona (Mark Metternich)[1365x2048]
Henry Cavill flying behind the scenes on Justice League
Lake nap
Marriage [OC]
"junk jamming up the kitchen drawer" starterpack
Lightning bolts colliding
He prefers cuddling his bed over sleeping on it
My naym is snek
What did I just read
I also was able to meet Jason Momoa with my girlfriend. He got a little too close to her
First attempt at making sushi. I’m super proud of it!
Square Wave Sculpture
Ground control.