My cat looks like he just told his favorite joke and he’s so proud of himself
Good for her.
Out of shape veteran turned contractor that thinks he is a mercenary do your best!!
things heating up in the pinocchio fandom
The film 1917, filmed in 2019, is claimed to have been a one-shot movie. This is impossible, as there were way too many guns fired.
Anon tries reddit
Little girl hockey training
Pittsburgh is Middle Earth now
I put a hole in a cardboard box to see if he would go in it, now he won’t leave.
Hitting a police helicopter with a truck in Brazil, 2020
Amongst the mushrooms
wholesome boyfriend
Thanks, I hate pokecenters
I've created an icon for DiWHY as someone mentioned it in a post earlier (sorry had to delete my previous post as I forgot to remove the line weight) hope you all enjoy it. Mods feel free to use it if you like it.
For real tho
Since we're talking about one of the first viral videos. This went viral before youtube even existed.
This graph comparing average women's height around the world is...well... (Source
Eevery dog should be treated like this..🥰
Damian Lillard on Luka Doncic “I mean he’s arguably the MVP of the league right now. His team is winning and he’s dominating game after game”
The best big brother of all
Blind person’s footsteps leave a little extra something in snow
A Grandfather lost hist wife to cancer after 50 years of marriage so his daughter made a quilt of her clothes to make him feel closer
Her back be like )()()(
Lowest of the Low...
Security to get a munch
CB upset because I couldn’t turn the ingredients I am giving away for free into a meal for 6 plus 5 days of meal prep
Spiderman library