Biker seess a little girl having a seizure while stuck in a traffic jam, rushes both her and her father to a hospital on his motorcycle
2020 in a nutshell
This Good Boi loving this orphan baby seal
As you sow, so you reap
Teenager girl beats up wrong person
Girl I went to school with had her dad hold her vape for her while he walked her down the aisle
A silver smith doing some manly chains
Where's your ball ?
Pitbull puppy 😍
That'd be great
Gotta say I whole heartedly agree.
Wealthy racist shames immigrant
Karenlet doesn't wanna hear the word of God today
Imagine this sentence in 2010
He really got my mom in that one 😭
i can see why.
Making vaccine as cheap as $3
This is what 10€ (11 USD) look like in uzbek currency (120.000 S'om)
um, Elon ?
A silver smith doing some manly chains
“Men that look like a Fortnite skin”
That cats on something else
Lewis on the other side of the camera this week
In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), Lucius Malfoy slaps Draco's hand onto his cane. Jason Isaacs didn't know there were small fangs on the top, so Tom Felton's pain was genuine
I can get personally sued for informing my jobs mask policy
Lady pretends to work for a federal agency to get ppl/workers to stop wearing masks
Cannon ball contest boys