This is wholesome
Talking with my mom about Ozark and she told me she went skiing with Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) back on New Year’s Day 1987
My girl always greets people with her stuffed animals
Idiot in Kia thinks stop signs are optional in front of a loaded 25k truck/3car trailer!
no doubt
Look! An ambulance caravan is on their way to New York to help out with the Coronavirus outbreak. God speed! 🇺🇸
🔥 Giant Wild Orangutan, Indonesia
Did I go too far? No, surely not.
[IMAGE] The Indian couple has changed their way of life, this led to incredible transformations and results.
Who needs gym, when you can train outdoors?
After 4 grueling days of terraforming I've modeled my island after Hyrule from Link to the Past! More pictures in the comments
Oh the irony
Touring the closets
Amazing how negative the British public can be...everyone raves about how China built a hospital in 8 days and how pathetic the UK were, fighting over toilet paper...And yet we've built a new hospital in excel in less than 8 days and its ready for 500 + let's celebrate this achievement & innovation
A termite road (above) and an ants road (below) both protected by a row of their soldiers in a confrontation without fighting
The longer this quarantine goes on, the more I feel like a laid off David Wallace
Fun fact- Trump is a record setting President
Ah perfect!
Didn’t see that coming....
Keeping my mind occupied.
my art teacher asked us to create color wheels out of household objects while we’re all in quarantine, I thought it turned out pretty cool (:
If it's not the virus that will keep you at home, what about idiots like these?
Social Distancing drinking games in the wild
Caught our Japanese exchange student about to drink this because it says “soda” and has fruit on the label.
Been in isolation 2 weeks, government say I must remain in isolation for 12 weeks except for essential appointments - today was chemo day. My dad bought me more craft supplies while I was at hospital. We came back to this...
Found the newspaper that announced Elizabeth as Queen.