Preach my dude, preach.
Probably my wettest and coldest day on the PCT. The small breaks of sunlight made it much more tolerable I would say. Mt Rainier National Park OC [5472x3648]
Just two best friends :)
[Image] Focus on what really matters to you
Oh! Your Majesty... Sorry if I disturbed you.
Checking if the gun is working using your hand as target, WCGW?
Animal shelter performs magic for dogs to show off their personalities and help them find a home
it's just me?
So, the government is facing a shutdown over funding for the border wall...
Very Underrated
Entire text history with my GF, from first swipe on Bumble until today [OC]
If you remember this you basically own the subreddit at this point
Quite the heavy decision
Computer tips
Oh that hair looks like fun.
The old woman’s face is pure joy
Merry and pippin sitting on a tree
Fantasy Beggar
To pickup a girl in the airport
Amazing tail onboard view of Virgin Galactic's Unity flight to the edge of space!
MRW I spend most of my days doing my incompetent boss's job and then I find out his Christmas bonus was larger than my my yearly income
Your boi knows anatomy
The dumbest elevator in the world
Having a healthy relationship even with bad mental health
Incredible Parenting.
Antivaxxers yay
These cats
This upside down Christmas tree in Australia
The Trump campaign (2016)