Special Edition Quarters
For that bike trip to the Amazon
104 year old holocaust survivor, Shashana Ovitz, requested that all her children, grandchildren, descendants gather at the western wall. This is that picture.
This sculpture, titled “Portal Icosahedron,” serves as a window into another world. Credit goes to fine artist Anthony James.
I think my hooman is not watching....ohh shit!!!
We all know a guy like this
Give this man a car
Wait a minute
Natures thermometer
Nightmares are made of this.
Dirt cheap hotel that livestreams your entire stay
Millie Bobby Brown or 50 year old Politician?
Bernie closed it strongest: "I am the son of an immigrant. I will always stand with immigrants. In college, I was arrested fighting segregation. I will always stand against racism, bigotry and hate. Today, we are building a movement that will defeat Trump and transform this country."
Popular music funny.
Baby yoda is the cutest.
Had to play supervisor at work Friday. In order the curb everyone’s enthusiasm I hung this outside my office.
A 3D printed flash hider
Always remember to use your dominant hand to win chess.
Its true tho
Tits/faces for me
Evolution of a culture.
High quality changes
Pick me up so I can stretch
Hit 'em with the ol' razzle dazzle
Maybe Maybe Maybe
The French get a bad rap. I'm an American, and I approve this message.
Happy Holidays