I think this counts as a double
Iā€™m sorry little one
Schrodinger's Girlfriend, (1949, colorized)
Tickle my Pickelhaube
PsBattle: man with a large lily pad
This dude is a social camel
Bernie's house in Vermont that Trump bashed as a "mansion"
Actress Audrey Hepburn, living in Nazi occupied Netherlands in WWII and suffering malnutrition, raised funds for the Dutch resistance by dancing in underground concerts
Spray paint machine doing what it does best.
Bird helping to raise funds for new park.
Thought of this sub so here ya go
my Google home scares me
My workplace now requires us to work during our mandatory lunches
Using coronavirus fearmongering to push their agenda. Stay classy, PETA.
We need to rob the bank...
Towel animal left by the hotel staff
Awesome Bedroom
This Iron Man car
How lucky!
Darius Ruckers reaction when finding out he is being invited to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry which is considered one of country music's crowning achievements.
This bearded dragon
Maybe maybe maybe
HMFT after I ride my bike into this bonfire
The Sunday Bunnies
Climb on that wet, moss-covered log for a pic!
a Palestinian grandma voting for Bernie. She knows Bernie "is not afraid to say that her family in Palestine deserves to live in peace and dignity." āœŒšŸ¾