Apparently one of my students has been hiding this lil dude in her dorm for a few weeks.
sIcK mAn ClUbS iNnOcEnT cHoNk
"The couple down the street that you're 99% sure are meth heads" Starter Pack
In Days Gone, snowfall happens randomly in real-time, so you can see the objects and road covered in snow over time. [video] [link]
Anon loves mom
I adopted my best friend yesterday. These pictures were taken 4 hours apart. On the left, Zip at the shelter. On the right, Zip when I brought him to his new forever home.
Upvote actual Wes Anderson if you think this sub is in dire need of better moderation.
So true!
Chocolate tart.
🔥 NJ at 7:30pm today. I swear I did zero editing. 🔥🌈
I hate signing yearbooks for students, so I had a rubber stamp made.
my friend pointed out that my pup looks like Bear in The Blue House and now I can’t unsee it
Baby Owls
Your “logic” deserves a slap in the face
"Evolution is a lie"
No text needed
This sub
bone magic
My phone died permanently so I deconstructed and framed it.
A true bro
Never too old.
Time-lapse: Single-cell to Salamander
Canadian values
He had been sitting at this coffee shop for nearly 3 hours by himself, making extremely complex origami flowers and doing tricks
A single egg carton.
Man tries to rob undercover cop during drug bust
Disqualified from Rogue