Come over here baby..
Fist Bump
Emerging new company starterpack
The LAPD escalates its enforcement procedures (1991)
Woman for equal rights punches a man, get punched back and is shocked.
Doggo does a save
After 60+ custom profiles, Tinder banned me. So, here are my 8 favorite.
This LED lit coffee table my girlfriend's dad built for us
Comment on a video about anti vaccine
independent coffee shop using starbucks mug to hold the toilet bowl brush
This Giant-killing
Facts are a biatch for the right
Cat goes boing.
Woman that left UK to join ISIS has her British Citizenship revoked
🔥 A ride through Yosemite National Park 🔥
Seen outside a church on my walk to work.
Sheriff Takes No Shit
Dutch police racing a little girl on a bicycle
Cube of fluorite looks like an infinity stone
Tell me your "I was the Idiot" story. I once took the wrong exit in Detroit. Turns out its the bridge to Canada, and they WILL NOT allow you to turn around. I had to wait an hour to be deported.
Thanks for the great flight!
Explosions in the Sky - First Breath After Coma [instrumental rock]
hmc while i eat dirt
Street sweeper making sure to get all the important places
Co-worker wants me to go out and get her dinner all because she had an operation only TWO WEEKS ago.
no authority
Keeping it cool...